S6 E24 The End Of The Rainbow

untitled end of the rainbow

Welcome back friends and fans. thank you for joining me for another review of GT. This episode had Thelma and Keith celebrating their one year anniversary and the luck of the Evans family finally changed.  Sadly, this was the final episode of the series, which means this is my last summary. It’s been real fun but I hope you enjoy my review.

untitled 624

Florida and Michael were preparing for Thelma and Keith’s one year anniversary. Michael stated that it seemed like they’ve only been married for a year (lol). Willona came in with some party goods from previous parties. She also brought them Russian imported caviar for $37.00. Then she announced she leased an apartment on the other side of town. She decided to make that move for the benefit of Penny, raising her in a better neighborhood. Florida said she had other friends and Willona would make new friends. Therefore, they wouldn’t even miss each other, then they broke down in tears. Then they commented on how strange Thelma and Keith were acting, not like themselves. Thelma was getting extremely edgy and Keith was preoccupied with things. Michael and Florida stated even J.J. was getting a little peculiar. Willona answered how can they tell.

untitled 624c

J.J. came out wearing his Dyn-O-Man costume, which he would use for his new comic strip. Willona reminded him that his character was turned down but J.J. answered that Dyn-O-Man was able to leap a tall pile of rejection slips in a single bound. He also stated there were other comic companies around and he had it in his bones it would sell. Michael joked he should feel it in his bones because he didn’t have enough flesh. Keith and Thelma came in from jogging and Thelma noticed her bed sheet was over a painting of J.J.’s, he answered he was using it to cover his anniversary gift to them. When the phone rang, Thelma, J.J. and Keith jumped for it but Florida answered and when they all insisted it would be for one of them, it turned out to be for Michael. His girlfriend Cindy called asking to take her to a dance the following night. He had to turn it down for Thelma and Keith’s party. Bookman came in with an anniversary gift for them. J.J. asked him to give him a lift to another comic book company. Bookman refused at first, questioning what others would think if they were seen in pubic. J.J. replied they would think they were Fatman and Robin (lol). They looked at some wedding pictures and Bookman rubbed it in about the picture J.J. took just before Keith fell and injured his knee. Keith left to take care of business and Thelma announced she had a big surprise for everybody, but had to wait until the next day.

untitled 624b

At the party the following evening, Thelma and Keith were not even home and Michael said they couldn’t have everything. Thelma came in and said she was just out for a bit. J.J. came out and attempted to opened a bottle of champagne, with Michael’s help. J.J. also misread what was on the back of it. Thelma started worrying about when Keith was getting back. Then she went and opened the bottle with no trouble. Willona and Penny came in with a cake and presents for the party, while Bookman followed and chewed out Willona for closing the elevator door on him. She claimed it was the only way to keep the cake intact. He claimed he only wanted to sneak a peek at it. Keith came in and he and Thelma had a long, slow anniversary kiss. J.J. gave them a newspaper, which they thought was their gift. It turned out he booked them a trip to the Bahamas (who said he wasn’t a great brother). Florida asked where he got the money, he answered he sold his comic strip of Dyn-O-Woman, his new idea. He signed a deal and got a huge cash advance. Then he announced he used Thelma’s face for his character. Thelma got angry at first, for he didn’t ask her permission to use her profile, then said she thought it was just fantastic.

untitled 624a

J.J. then announced he was moving into an apartment with three of his girlfriends. Keith announced he was using his spare time for training and healing his bad knee. He received a new contract with the Chicago Bears. He also announced he bought a duplex on Baker Street and rented the top floor. Thelma asked if there would be an extra room for the baby. This was the icing on the cake. She was pregnant with their first child and begged Florida to come live with them so she can help out. That was make Keith a proud papa and Willona a godmother, Penny a babysitter, Michael and J.J. uncles and Florida a grandmamma. Bookman also stated he would be a grandbooger (lol).  It turned out to be the same place that Willona rented. Therefore, they would be living on top and bottom of each other, thus, they’d still be neighbors and their good times would continue.

Original airdate August 1, 1979

Written by Wayne Kline and Mark Fink

Directed by Gerren Keith

There were no guest stars in this episode

A great episode for a series finale. The luck of the Evans family finally changed, I just hope they don’t get plagued again by that curse of something going wrong (i.e. James was killed just as the family was ready to move down to Mississippi, Keith’s leg got injured at the wedding, and he lost his million dollar contract). It was also pretty sad that James couldn’t be there to share in the joy. However, if they made a spinoff series, they could call it Better Times.

Thank you all very much for joining me for my reviews. It saddens me that there are no more episodes to write about, for it was very much fun. I will be back for other shows and let you know when the time comes.

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