S3 E3 The Brady Braves

untitled kids meet jimmy

The Brady Braves

Written by Tam Spiva

The Bradys make their way to the grand Canyon, where Bobby and Cindy get lost while chasing after an Indian boy. I hope you enjoy the script.











JIMMY PAKAYA, Bobby and Cindy’s Indian friend

CHIEF EAGLE CLOUD, Jimmy’s grandfather

(The episode picks up from the previous one. Bobby and Cindy are still lost while the rest of the family goes and searches for them.)

Carol: Bobby! Cindy!

(Meanwhile, Cindy and Bobby are sitting on a rock.)

Cindy: This is all your fault, you wanted to chase after that Indian boy.

Bobby: How was I supposed to know we’d get lost. Come on.

(Cut to Mike, Peter and Marcia searching for them.)

Peter: Bobby!

Marcia: Cindy!

Mike: Bobby! Cindy!

(Mike narrates the previous episode’s happenings, along with flashbacks.)

(It had started out to be a great vacation for all of us. The kids were really excited at their first sight of the Grand Canyon. They loved the Hopi Indians and the rain dance. They couldn’t wait to ride down to the bottom of the canyon. Now, I had warned all the kids to stay together, but it was Bobby and Cindy who wandered off. It’s starting to get dark now. We’d better find them and fast.)

Mike (to Peter and Marcia): Come on, kids.

(Meanwhile, Bobby and Cindy are still trying to find their way back to camp as Jimmy looks on from some rocks. The scene fades.)


(The next scene has Bobby and Cindy still walking around aimlessly.)

Cindy: I think we’re going in circles. (Bobby notices something and stops) What’s the matter?

(Bobby points to Jimmy, who is walking down a path to approach them.)

Bobby: Let me handle this, Cindy. (Jimmy catches up with them) How?

Jimmy: How what?

Bobby: Uh, how are you?

Jimmy: I’m okay.

Bobby: I’m Bobby Brady, and this is my sister, Cindy.

Jimmy: I’m Jimmy Pakaya.

Bobby: Do you live around here?

Jimmy: Well, not too far.

Cindy: Are you a real Indian?

Jimmy: Uh huh.

Bobby: Have you seen a camp around here? One with tents and stuff?

Jimmy: Yes, I found your camp.

Cindy (excited): Oh, could you find it for us?

Jimmy: Sure.

Bobby: Hey, great! We’re kind of lost. Could you help us get back to our folks?

Jimmy: No.

Cindy: Why not?

Jimmy: I’ve got my reasons.

(He walks away but Bobby and Cindy follow him.)

Bobby: What’s the matter? Don’t you like us palefaces?

Jimmy: Cut out the paleface stuff?

Bobby: Sorry.

Cindy: Why won’t you help us?

Jimmy: Because I don’t want anybody to see me.

Bobby: You’re in some kind of trouble?

Jimmy: I ran away from home. If your folks see me, they’ll tell my grandfather where I am.

Bobby: Listen, Jimmy, maybe we can make a deal. You take us back, and we promise not to tell we saw you.

Cindy: Please?

Jimmy: Well, you promise?

Bobby (defensive): Do I look like the kind of guy that speaks with a forked tongue?

(Meanwhile, Carol, Greg and Jan are still looking. Greg makes a discovery.)

Greg: Mom, Jan, come here quick.

(Carol and Jan rush to him.)

Carol: What is it?

Greg: Footprints. (He finds more) the footprints end here, and there’s two paths.

Jan: Which way do you think they went?

Carol: Look, you two take that way and I’ll take this way, and we’ll meet right back here. And remember, please stay together.

Greg: We will, Mom.

(Cut back to Bobby, Cindy and Jimmy. )

Jimmy: Around those rocks up there, you’ll be able to see your camp.

Bobby: Thanks a  lot, Jimmy, you really saved our lives.

Jimmy: Ah, it’s nothing.

Cindy: It is too.

Bobby: Isn’t there some way we can pay you back?

Jimmy: Well, I’m kind of hungry, you think you could get me something to eat?

Bobby: Sure, but we’ll have to wait until tonight when everybody’s asleep.

Jimmy: That’s okay, I’ll be by those big rocks we just passed.

Bobby: Okay, see you later.

Jimmy: Thanks a lot.

(They head toward the camp as Carol calls them from a distance.)

Carol: Bobby! Cindy!

Bobby: That sounds like Mom.

Cindy: It is Mom!

Bobby and Cindy: Mother, Mother!

(They catch up to her and give her a big hug.)

Carol: Oh, thank goodness. Oh, you’re all right?

Bobby: We’re sorry, we didn’t mean to get lost.

Cindy: It was just an accident.

Carol: Well, don’t you ever wander away from us again, you hear?

(She gives them another hug.)

Bobby: What are you crying for?

Carol: Because I’m so happy you’re back.

Cindy; I thought you’d cry when we got lost.

Carol: I cried then too.

Bobby: I guess we make her cry no matter what we do.

(Back at the camp, Mike gives a final lecture about the kids staying together.)

Mike: All right, all right, form now on, nobody goes off alone, right? Let’s hear it, uh huh? (They all agree. To Bobby and Cindy) And you two guys, you don’t go away from camp without being with an adult, or with Greg or Marcia, okay.

Bobby: Okay.

Carol: Okay, kids, let’s get cleaned up for dinner.

(The rest of the family walks away.)

Cindy (whispering, to Bobby): How we gonna get the food for Jimmy?

Bobby: I’ve been thinking about, and I got a plan.

(He whispers in her ear.)

(The next scene has the family around the campfire singing “Down In The Valley”, with Greg on guitar. Cindy passes a couple of hot dogs to Bobby and he puts them in his coat pocket. They all cheer when the song is over.)

Mike: Hey, how about a little, let’s see, Home on the Range.

Carol: Hey, yeah.

Jan: Yeah, that’s a good one.

Mike (to Greg): Can you play that one?

Greg: Oh, sure.

(He plays and they all sing. Bobby and Cindy go over to Alice.)

Bobby: Could we have some more hot dogs, Alice?

Alice: That makes four apiece. You two must have hollow legs.

Bobby: Well, getting lost takes a lot out of you.

Cindy: We’re trying to put it back.

Alice: I don’t really believe that you’re eating all these hot dogs. (The kids get worried) I think you’re inhaling them. (She gets up) I better start doing these dishes.

Bobby (to Cindy): let’s get some beans for Jimmy, too.

Cindy: Where are we going to hide them?

Bobby: Hey, I got it.

(He takes his flashlight out and removes the batteries. He fills the flashlight with beans as the family continues singing.)

Cindy: Hey, that’s a great idea.

(Late that evening, Bobby wakes up and goes to the girls’ tent. He whistles to Cindy., who wakes up.)

Cindy: I’m coming.

(They go to see Jimmy and bring him dinner.)

Cindy: You’re sure you can find your way?

Bobby: I think so.

Cindy: It’s so dark I can’t see where I’m going.

Bobby: Don’t pull so hard, you’re squashing the hot dogs.

(After walking a little more, they hear a howl.)

Cindy (frightened): What was that?

Bobby: Just a coyote.

Cindy: Maybe we should go back.

Bobby: We can’t, just think of how hungry Jimmy is.

Cindy: Just think of how hungry the coyote is.

(They go out  a little further until they find Jimmy.)

Jimmy: I didn’t think you’d come back.

Bobby: We promised, didn’t we? We brought you some hot dogs.

Cindy: Some of them may be a little bit squishy.

Jimmy: I like them squishy.

Bobby: Here’s something else to eat.

Jimmy: A flashlight?

Bobby: No, inside, beans.

Jimmy: Hey, that’s a great idea.

(Greg and Peter show up, looking for the kids. Bobby, Cindy and Jimmy hide behind a rock when they see them.)

Greg: Bobby! Cindy!

(They see them over by the rock and come over.)

Bobby (to Greg): What are you doing here?

Greg: That’s the same question I got for you?

Peter: Who’s he?

Bobby: This is our friend, Jimmy Pakaya.

Cindy: We brought him some hot dogs.

Greg: Look, I don’t know what this thing is all about, but I do know one thing, you two better get back to camp before Dad wakes up and blows his top.

Peter: Come on.

(Cindy goes along with them, Bobby stops to talk to Jimmy.)

Bobby: Sure you don’t wanna come with us? Maybe Mom and Dad can help you.

Jimmy: No, they’ll just tell my grandfather. As soon as it’s light, I’m moving on.

Greg (impatiently): Bobby, come on.

Bobby: Well, thanks a lot, Jimmy. See you sometime.

(He gives Jimmy the flashlight to keep.)

Jimmy: Yeah, sometime.

(Greg grabs Bobby’s arm and they head back to camp.)

Greg: I don’t care, Bobby, we should tell Mom and Dad about Jimmy.

Bobby: But we promised we wouldn’t.

Cindy: We told you he saved our lives.

Greg: Listen, did you think you might be saving is life by telling on him?

Peter: Shh, listen.

(They see an overbearing shadow in the dark, not realizing it was Mike. The scene fades out.)

untitled chief eagle cloud

(The next scene has Mike confronting the kids.)

Greg: Who is it?

Mike: Greg.

Greg: Dad. (He walks up to the kids.) Why didn’t you say you were you?

Mike: Because I didn’t know you were you. Would you like to tell me what you’re doing out here in the dark?

Greg: Tell him, Bobby.

Bobby: Who, me?

Peter: Yeah, you.

Bobby: Uh, Dad, it’s like this, we got lost.

Cindy: You remember?

Mike: Now, you want to stop the stalling and tell me what this is all about?

(Next, Mike is having a heart-to-heart talk with Jimmy.)

Jimmy: Now you’re going to tell my grandfather and he’ll take me home.

Mike: Is home so bad, Jim?

Jimmy: No, I like it there.

Mike: Then why run away?

Jimmy: Because of my grandfather.

Mike: Oh, is he mean to you?

Jimmy: No, I love him.

Mike (confused): Wait a minute, I don’t get it. Then what’s the matter?

Jimmy: Well, he only thinks about the old Indian ways. He always talks about great things that happened a long time ago.

Mike: Well, I can understand that, he’s proud of those things.

Jimmy: Mr. Brady, I’m tired of being an Indian. I want to be an astronaut.

Mike (laughing): Look Jim, you can be both of those things. Look, you can be proud of your heritages like your grandfather, and you can still do whatever you want to do or be what you want to be. What did your grandfather say when you told him you wanted to be an astronaut?

Jimmy: I didn’t tell him.

Mike: Why didn’t you give him a chance? Wait and see what he thinks about it before you try and run away.

Jimmy: I don’t know.

Mike: Listen, why don’t we talk about this again in the morning, huh? You come back to camp with us, and you can sleep in a nice, warm bed, have a good breakfast. (Jimmy gives a doubtful look) Come on, you haven’t eaten until you’ve had Alice’s pancakes. Come on, I bet you’re good and hungry.

(Jimmy gets up to go with him.)

Jimmy: No, I had hot dogs. Oh, and beans.

Mike: Hot dogs and beans?

(Jimmy gives him Bobby’s flashlight. Mike goes in the girls’ tent and wakes Carol.)

Carol: What is it, honey? Is it time to get up?

Mike: Listen, as long as you’re awake, come here, I want you to see something.

(She gets up and follows Mike outside. She sees Jimmy in the sleeping bag with Bobby.)

Carol: Who in the world is that?

Mike: That might be the first Indian who ever lands on Mars.

(The next morning, the boys call for Mike in the tent.)

Greg: Dad, Dad are you awake?

Mike: Yeah, just a second, what is it, boys?

Bobby: Jimmy, he’s gone.

Mike: Hmm, you sure? maybe he just wandered off for a minute.

Peter: No, he looked all over for him.

Bobby: What are we going to do?

Mike: Well, I don’t think there’s much we can do. I’ll put my boots on and we’ll go look for him. We’ve given him the best advice we can. That’s the thing about advice, you can give it, but you can’t make him take it.

Bobby: Yeah, we understand, Dad.

Greg: Come on, you guys.

(They go to look for their friend. Meanwhile, Alice and Carol are talking over at the tents.)

Alice: I think we could use some fresh water, Mrs. Brady.

Carol: Okay, Alice. the stream’s right over there beyond those boulders. You can’t miss it.

Alice: Okay. Just in case, if I’m not back in 10 minutes, send out a forest ranger.

Carol (laughing): okay.

Alice: On second thought, even if I don’t get lost, send out a forest ranger. 6’2″, broad shoulders and a little gray at the temples.

Carol: Alice.

(Alice wanders off to fetch some water. She runs into Jimmy’s grandfather, Chief Eagle Cloud.)

Alice: Yatahi.

Chief: Yatahay. (He says something else in his native language.)

Alice: I’m afraid you took the advanced course.

Chief: My heart soars, Mrs. Brady.

Alice: Oh, I’m not Mrs. Brady, I’m Alice.

Chief (confused): Mr. Brady has two squaws?

Alice: Oh, no, I’m not Mr. Brady’s squaw, I help Mrs. Brady. I’m sort of a squaw junior grade.

(Jimmy comes to join his grandfather.)

Jimmy: Hi.

Alice: Hi, you must be Jimmy.

Jimmy: That’s right.

Alice: Oh, I know a lot of people are going to be awfully glad to give you a great big yatahi.

(Jimmy takes Alice’s buckets to help her out.)

(Next, Jimmy and his grandfather are talking to Mike and Carol.)

Chief: Mr. Brady, because you brought my grandson back to me, I offer you thanks, many thanks.

Mike: I really didn’t do very much, Chief Eagle Cloud. I just talked to jimmy. He made the decision.

Chief: You helped him to decide. I offer you thanks.

Mike: You’re very welcome. Jim, did you speak to your grandfather?

Jimmy: Yeah, I did.

Chief: The foolishness of this child. He thinks because I speak of buffalo, I can’t understand blast off.

Carol: We have the same problem Chief Eagle Cloud, we call it the generation gap.

Chief: That’s what we call it too. (They laugh) He’s afraid to tell me that he wants to swoosh to the stars. In truth, if I were younger, I would want to swoosh too.

(All the kids come running up.)

Carol: These are our children. Children, this is Jimmy’s grandfather, Chief Eagle Cloud.

(They all say hi.)

Chief: Mr. Brady, you have large tribe. You are a man among men.

Carol: Well, he did have a little help, you know.

Chief (to the kids): I speak in honor of your father, I ask you to journey to our village tonight. In a ceremony, I will ask you to become members of our family and tribe. You younger folks will have a groovy time.

(The kids eagerly ask Mike for permission.)

Mike: Chief, I think we’ll all have a groovy time.

(The kids are all excited. That evening, they witness another rain dance. The camera shows each cast member enjoying the festivities. When the dance ends, Chief Eagle Cloud gets up to speak.)

Chief: Many moons ago our people came down on the rim of the canyon. Here inside the earth, who is our mother, we live in peace. We raise tall corn, race fast horses. We prosper. (He looks up and raises his hands) And now, O sun that shines, O moon that smiles, we wish our tribe to increase. I ask that you know this. All these people seated around this fire shall belong to my tribe from now until forever. And now, to the direction of the four winds. (He flings water in each direction) To the east, to the west, to the north, to the south. These are my people. I say this, and it is so.

Bobby (to Jimmy): What happens next?

Jimmy: You get a name.

Cindy: I already have a name.

Jimmy: You get an Indian name.

(The chief goes to each family member and gives them a name.)

Chief (to Mike): I give you a new name. in my tribe, you shall be called Goana Hotanya Goana Gonosa, Big Eagle of Large Nest. (Mike smiles as he moves on to Carol) I shall call you Yellow Flower With Many Petals.

Carol: That’s lovely.

(The chief moves to Greg.)

Chief: And you, I will call you Stocking Wolf.

Greg (pleased): That’s what all the girls call me too.

Chief (to Peter): And you, my son, I will call you Middle Buffalo.

Peter (incredulous): Middle Buffalo?

Chief: Sleeping Lizard.

Peter (in the same tone): Sleeping Lizard?

Chief: I get back to you. (he moves on to Cindy): I shall call you Wandering Blossom. (to Bobby) I call you Little Bear Who Loses Way. (He then moves to Jan) I call you Dove of Morning Light. (Jan smiles as he names Marcia) I call you Willow Dancing In Wind. (Marcia beams as he moves to Alice) I call you Squaw In Waiting.

Alice: Could you make that a short wait.

Chief: Now, new members of the tribe, custom demands that you must dance now. Dance now to show your joy.

(The Bradys all get up to dance as an Indian starts playing the drums and chanting.)

Chief: Dance, all dance.

(They continue to dance as other Indians join in, and the scene fades out.)

bobby, cindy and jimmy

(The final scene has the Bradys getting ready to leave the Grand Canyon.)

Greg: Dad, can we have one last look at the canyon?

(They all stand and look at the canyon from the top.)

Peter: It’s really something, huh?

Carol: You just never get tired of looking at it.

Mike (looking at his watch): I hate to say it, we better get started, gang.

(Next, the family is leaving the canyon as they drive up to the attendant.)

Cindy (to the attendant): remember us, we’re the Brady family.

Bobby: You mean we used to be, now we’re the Brady Braves.

(The family laughs as they drive away.)

                           THE END

untitled large tribe

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