S3 E12 Getting Davy Jones

untitled meeting

Getting Davy Jones

Written by Phil Leslie and Al Schwartz

Marcia swears to her friends that she can get Davy Jones to sing at their prom. She later finds this to be easier said than done. I  hope you enjoy the script.












DOREEN, Marcia’s friend

LAURA, another friend

MRS. ROBBINS, Marcia’s teacher

Page at studio

OPERATOR at hotel

Davy’s manager

(The episode begins in Marcia’s room, where she and two of her friends are discussing who they can get to entertain at their upcoming prom.)

Marcia: There must be someone we can get for a guest star.

Laura: We’re a great entertainment committee. 4 meetings and nothing.

Doreen: We better get somebody quick. It’s only 2 weeks before out senior prom.

(Meanwhile, Jan is downstairs in the family room looking in the paper. She sees a picture of Davy Jones, cuts out the page and brings it upstairs to Marcia.)

Marcia: Unless we get someone this weekend, on Monday we’ll have to tell Mrs. Robbins that we bombed out.

(Jan rushes in the room.)

Jan (excited): Marcia, guess who’s here!

Marcia: Jan, we’re in the middle of a very important meeting!

Jan: What’s more important than Davy Jones? He’s here!

Marcia: I don’t care who’s here (she suddenly realizes what Jan said) Davy Jones! He’s here in this house?

Jan: No, he’s here in town! See?

(She shows Marcia his picture from the paper.)

Marcia: Let me see. (She reads under his picture) Davy Jones, teenage rock idol, arrives this morning for personal appearances.

Doreen: Oh, wow, you know I got to get to see him!

Marcia: Davy Jones!

Jan (taking the paper): I got to show Cindy.

Marcia: Wouldn’t that be something?

Laura: What?

Marcia: To get him to entertain at our prom.

Doreen (incredulous): Davy Jones? You’re kidding.

Laura (teasing): Well, why just Davy Jones? How about the Beatles, the 5th Dimension and the Carpenters, too.

(She and Doreen laugh.)

Marcia: Before you start making jokes, just take a look at this. (She shows Doreen a plaque with a letter Davy wrote to her personally) Go ahead, read it.

Doreen: Ms. Marcia Brady, President of the Davy Jones fan club. Dear Marcia, I want to thank you for your interest in my career.

Marcia: Let me see. (She takes it and reads the rest) If I’m ever in your city, I’ll be happy to show you my appreciation any way I can. With best wishes I am your friend always, Davy Jones.

Doreen: Well it’s probably just one of those form letters that his publicity guy sends out.

Marcia (defensive): It is not! It’s hand written. Besides, he wouldn’t say, If I’m ever in your town I’ll be happy to show you my appreciation if he really didn’t mean it.

Laura: That’s right, Doreen.

Doreen: I still say it’s publicity stuff.

Marcia: Davy Jones is not the kind of person to lie. If I asked him to entertain at our prom, I’m sure he would.

Laura (to Doreen): Well, maybe he would.

Doreen: Oh, come on, don’t be silly. She’s just bluffing.

Marcia (offended): Bluffing? I’ll show you whose bluffing. I’ll go right over to his hotel and ask him.

Laura: You really think you can get him?

Marcia: If I say I’ll get him, I’ll get him.

(The scene fades away.)

untitled letter from davy

(The next scene has Alice coming into the kitchen to join Carol.)

Carol: Are Jan and Cindy still grumbling?

Alice: Well, they kinda went from a low grumbling to a kind of a high grouch. (Carol laughs) They really wanted to see Davy Jones.

Carol: I know, I just didn’t think Marcia would appreciate them tagging along.

Alice: I’ll bet he would’ve liked it. They sure are fans of his.

Carol (laughing): Yeah, from the reaction around here, he’s the hottest thing since pepperoni pizza.

(They both laugh and Mike comes in with what’s left of the paper.)

Mike: Okay, who doesn’t want me to know the ball score? (He picks up the paper with the missing picture and speaks with a British accent) Which one of you is Jack the Ripper?

Alice (laughing): I think Marcia cut out something that was on the other side of the sports page, Mr. Brady.

Carol: Now, honey, I want you to be calm, don’t get too excited. But, Davy Jones is in town.

Mike: No, not the Davy Jones. Kids.

Carol: Never mind. We had our idols too when we were kids.

Alice: Yeah, I remember when I found out Frank Sinatra got married. I wore black bobby socks for a month.

(Next, Jan and Cindy hurry into the boys’ room and excitedly tell the news to Peter and Bobby.)

Jan: Did you guys hear about Davy Jones? Isn’t it great?

Peter: What about him?

Jan: He’s in town! He’s gonna sing at Marcia’s school prom!

Cindy: In person!

Bobby: Ooh, big deal!

Peter: Yeah, what’s so special about Davy Jones?

Bobby: Yeah, all he does is bang on a guitar and yell his head off.

Peter: Yeah, anybody can do that.

Jan (angry): Anybody? There are over 2,000 Davy Jones fan clubs.

Cindy: Yeah!

Jan: How many Peter Brady fan clubs are there?

Peter: I don’t know, I haven’t counted them lately.

Jan: Well it doesn’t take long to count to zero.

Cindy: You’re just jealous.

Bobby: Jealous, of what? (He grabs a tennis racket and pretends he’s playing the guitar on it and singing) I’m wild about you baby, wild about you baby.

Jan (frustrated): Boys!

Peter: Hey, Davy baby, don’t break your guitar.

(Bobby continues to pretend he’s playing and singing. Meanwhile, Marcia’s friends are calling their friends to spread the news about Davy Jones.)

Laura: Linda, Linda you’ll never guess who Marcia Brady’s gonna get to entertain at our prom. Hold on to your skull, Davy Jones.

Doreen: Yes Katie, I said Davy Jones. Well, I didn’t believe it at first myself but Marcia’s gone right down there to meet him. Boy, our prom is gonna be out of sight. Pass the word, okay?

(Marcia comes home in a depressed mood.)

Marcia (to Mike): Hi.

Mike: Hi, honey.

(He shows her the missing part of the paper.)

Marcia: Sorry about that, Dad.

Mike: That’s all right. How did you make out with Davy Jones?

Carol (coming down the stairs): Were your knees shaking when you met him?

Marcia: My knees didn’t get anywhere near Davy Jones.

Carol: Wasn’t he at the hotel?

Marcia: He sure was, and so were a thousand other kids. It was so jammed I couldn’t even get inside the lobby.

Mike (to Carol): I guess every kid in town is trying to see him.

Carol: Why didn’t you try phoning him?

Marcia: I did. It cost me 30 cents just to hear the hotel operator say all of Mr. Jones’s lines are still busy.

Carol: Well, honey, if you can’t see him, and you can’t talk to him, I don’t know how you’re gonna get in touch with him.

Marcia: I don’t either.

Mike: Well, you did the best you could, Marcia. That’s all anybody can do.

Marcia: I guess so. But there’s still time to get someone else for the prom. At least there’s no harm done.

(The next day at school, Marcia notices a banner that says Welcome Davy Jones written on it hanging on top of the school. Her friends come up to her to congratulate her.)

Laura: Oh, Marcia, this is fantastic. It’ll be the best prom ever.

Doreen: I didn’t think you could do it. (All her friends continue their praise as Marcia tries to confess what really happened) Was he as neat as he looks?

Laura: Oh, I could die when I see him.

(The praise continues until Marcia’s teacher, Mrs. Robbins, comes by.)

Mrs. Robbins: We’re all so proud of you.

Marcia: Good morning, Mrs. Robbins.

Mrs. Robbins: I’ve never seen the students so excited. You’ve done a magnificent job with the entertainment committee.

Marcia: I haven’t really done anything, Mrs. Robbins.

(Her friends laugh.)

Mrs. Robbins: Don’t be modest dear. The minute I heard I got the art department right to work on that banner.

Marcia: Mrs. Robbins, can I please talk to you in private?

Mrs. Robbins: Of course.

(Marcia and Mrs. Robbins excuse the girls and walk a few feet away.)

Marcia: Mrs. Robbins, I didn’t expect all this. I haven’t even talked to Davy Jones yet.

Mrs. Robbins: Well, that’s no problem. I’m sure when you do see him you’ll arrange it. The children tell me you’re pretty good friends with Davy Jones. (The bell rings) First class bell, dear, mustn’t be late.

(Back at the house, Marcia tries writing a telegram to Jones. Jan comes in.)

Jan: Hi, doing homework?

Marcia: No, I’m writing a telegram to Davy jones.

Jan: A telegram?

Marcia: Yeah, I’m getting desperate after what happened in school today. This may be the only way I can reach him.

Jan: That’s a good idea.

Marcia: How does this sound? Dear Mr. Jones. I hope you remember me, Marcia Brady, President of your local fan club.

Jan: I’ll tell you how it sounds.

Marcia: How?

Jan: It sounds dull.

Marcia: that’s what I was afraid of.

(Greg and Peter come in.)

Greg: Hi, Marcia.

Marcia: Oh, maybe you can help me, Greg.

Greg: What’s going on?

Marcia: I’m writing a telegram to Davy Jones and (Pause) it sounds dull.

Greg: Let’s hear it.

Peter: Yeah, let’s hear it.

Marcia: Okay. Dear Mr. Jones. I hope you remember me, Marcia Brady, President of your local fan club.

Greg: No wonder it sounds dull. You got to catch his attention first.

Jan: That sounds logical.

Greg: Sure, start by buttering him up. (Pause) Take it down like this. To Davy jones, star of stage, screen, radio, television and jukeboxes. You are the grooviest, the greatest, the most right onest.

Marcia: Greg! I think that’s a little too much.

Peter: Nah, you gotta lay it on him thick. I’d love to get a telegram like that.

Jan: You would. There’s got to be a better way to get Davy Jones’s attention.

(Greg tries to come up with a new idea but can’t.)

Peter: Hey, I’ve got it.

Marcia: What?

Peter: Take this down. Davy Jones, Dear sir, you have just won a $10,000,000 sweepstakes. For information, call Marcia Brady at…

Greg: What’s that got to do with singing at the prom.

Peter: Nothing. But it will sure get his attention.

(Greg and Jan seethe at the suggestion.)

Marcia: Thanks for all your help, you guys. Just let me work it out by myself, okay.

Greg: Okay. (He and Peter leave the room) A $10,000,000 sweepstakes?

Peter: $20,000,000?

(Next, Marcia is on the phone to the hotel Jones is staying at.)

Marcia: Yes, I’d like to send a telegram please, to Davy Jones, at the Royal Towers Hotel. And this is very important, I want this telegram to be delivered to him personally. (Marcia suddenly gets upset) But you have to! Please? No, forget it.

(She hangs up.)

Marcia (to Jan): They won’t deliver it to him personally. They won’t even guarantee he’ll see it.

Jan (astonished): Why not?

Marcia: Because he already has 600 telegrams waiting for him, they’re keeping them off the hotel desk.

(Next, Mike and Carol are having a talk with Marcia.)

Mike: Honey, I know you’re in no mood for a lecture, but you should really never promise anything until you are sure you can deliver.

Marcia: I know that now.

Carol: Well, look, there must be some way to get in touch with that untouchable young man.

Marcia: If there is, I can’t think of it.

(Jan and Cindy come running out to the living room.)

Cindy (excited): Marcia, Davy Jones is on TV!

Jan: On the Hank Coleman show, it just came on!

Marcia: Dad, the Hank Coleman show is on for 30 minutes.

Mike: Yeah, so.

Marcia: Well, if I can get down to the TV station right away, maybe I can ask him about the prom.

Mike: Hey, you just got yourself a ride. Come on. (he grabs his jacket) We’ll be back in a bit.

Carol: Okay.

Marcia: Bye.

Carol: Good luck, honey.

(They head down to the studio and meet with a page.)

Mike: Excuse me, is the Hank Coleman show still on?

Page: Yes sir, it still has a few minutes to go.

Marcia: Oh, great.

Mike: Do you mind if me and my daughter wait until the show’s over? She’d like to meet Mr. Coleman’s guest star.

Marcia: I’m president of his fan club.

Page: The head of the Department of Sanitation has a fan club?

Marcia: The Department of Sanitation?

Page: That’s who Hank Coleman’s guest star is today.

Marcia: No, it’s Davy Jones. I just saw the start of the show at home.

Page: Oh, that was done yesterday. Mr. Coleman tapes his shows one day in advance. I’m afraid you’re 24 hours late for Davy jones, miss.

(Marcia gets extremely disappointed.)

Marcia: Well, honey. You’ll just have to think of something else. When’s the prom?

Marcia: In a week, Dad.

(The scene fades.)

untitled davy singing

(The next scene has Mike on the phone with a friend.)

Mike: Yeah, Brad, well look, I just thought since your brother plays golf with the hotel manager, it might be worth a chance asking. Yeah, oh yeah, well, okay Brad. Yeah, thanks a lot.

(He hangs up the phone.)

Marcia: What did he say, Dad?

Mike: He said if I could find a way to get to Davy Jones, let him know, because he’s got a teenage daughter who’s dying to meet him too.

Marcia: Is there someone else we can call?

Carol: Honey, your father and I have done everything we can think of, except.

Marcia: What?

Carol (laughing): It’s just too crazy.

Marcia: What Mom?

Mike: Yeah, come on, what?

Carol: Well it really is crazy, but, well why couldn’t we check into the Royal Towers this weekend. At least Marcia would be in the same hotel with Davy Jones.

Mike: Yeah, that is crazy.

Carol (laughing): Yeah, I know.

Mike: I know because I called and they’re already booked.

Marcia: What am I gonna do?

Mike: Marcia, I think you’re at the end of the line. I think you’re gonna have to tell your teacher that you just couldn’t get him.

Marcia: Dad, do you realize what you’re asking?

Mike: Honey, you have a responsibility to other people.

Carol: Honey, you have to give the school a chance to find someone else to entertain at the prom.

Marcia: Well, I still got this weekend. Maybe something will happen.

Carol: Well I hope so. But if not, you’ll have to tell your teacher on Monday.

Marcia; Okay.

(She goes into the kitchen, where Alice and Jan are.)

Jan: I’m sorry, Marcia.

Alice: Me too, honey.

Marcia (upset): When the whole school hears I bombed out, they’ll all hate me.

Jan: Not everybody, Marcia. Your real friends will stick to you.

Marcia: After Monday I won’t have any friends. I might as well quit school or move away or something.

(She walks away disgusted.)

Alice (to Jan): There’s got to be something to relieve this.

Jan: Well, if there is, we better find it quick.

Alice: Why don’t you and the other kids put your heads together and think. I’ll put my heads together too.

(The next scene has Jan, Peter, Bobby and Cindy devising another plan.)

Jan: At least it’s worth a try, Peter.

Cindy: Anything is.

Bobby: Yeah, Marcia’s desperate.

Peter: Okay. You guys stand back and make a little noise like there’s a crowd in the room. Here goes.

(He gets on the phone while the other kids pretend to be a crowd.)

Operator: Royal Towers Hotel.

Peter (to the other kids): I can’t hear. (They quiet down and he gets on the phone with the operator) Davy Jones’s room please.

Operator: Mr. Jones’s line is busy and there are many calls waiting.

Peter: Tell him it’s an old buddy of his, he’ll take the call right now.

Operator: Who’s calling please?

Peter: Pete Brady! I manage one of his favorite rock groups. Davy baby said to call the minute we made the scene in town.

Operator: What’s the name of the group?

Peter: The Three Desperados.

(The other kids laugh and Peter tells them to hush up.)

Operator: I’m sorry. I never heard of the Three Desperados.

Peter: Oh, we’re a big group. We’re over here rehearsing right now. (to the others) Sing something.

Jan (whispering): Sing what?

Peter: Anything, anything you know the words to. (back to the operator) Listen to this, operator.

(They all sing off-key to a different tune. The operator realizes it’s a sham and hangs up.)

Peter (back on the phone): Operator, hello operator.

Bobby: Did she hear us?

Peter; She heard you.

(He hangs up the phone. We next see Alice on the phone with Sam.)

Alice: Thanks, Sam. I’ll tell Marcia, it just might work. Okay, bye.

(Greg comes in the kitchen for a snack.)

Greg: Hi, Alice.

Alice: Greg, Sam just had the wildest idea.

Greg: Congratulations, he finally proposed.

Alice: No, it’s not that wild. He delivers meat to the Royal towers and the chef is a personal friend of his.

Greg: So.

Alice: So, that might just get Marcia in to see Davy Jones. Even though his idea is a little far out.

Greg: Listen, nothing’s too far out for Marcia right now.

(Alice whispers in his ear the idea Sam had in mind. We next see Marcia and Greg posing as busboys at the hotel. they knock on the door at Davy’s hotel room. Davy’s manager answers.)

Manager: Who is it?

Greg; Busboys.

Manager: Come in.

Marcia: Do I look all right?

Greg: Lower your voice, will you, you’re supposed to be a boy.

Marcia (speaking in a lower voice): Oh, yes.

Greg (to the manger): We’ve come to get the breakfast dishes.

Manager: Okay.

Greg: We’re certainly happy to be of service to you.

Marcia: You’re our favorite singing star.

Greg: Of all time.

Marcia: I got every record you ever made.

Greg: Yeah, and she (he) plays them all the time.

Marcia: I’m even president of your fan club.

(The manager comes out.)

Manager: Sorry, kids.

Marcia (in her own voice): You’re not Davy (she then lowers her voice) You’re not Davy Jones.

Manager: I’m his manager. David left a few minutes ago.

Greg: Could you tell us when he’ll be back, sir?

Manager: Who knows? He’s over at Atlas Records cutting an album. I’ve got to get down there myself.

Greg (to Marcia): Atlas records.

Manager: Hey, what about the dishes?

Greg: Yeah. (to Marcia) You change and get over there fast.

Marcia: Okay. (she leaves the room then stops for a minute) Oh, thanks, Greg.

(She blows him a kiss and the manager gives a strange look. Greg shrugs.)

(Jones is down at the recording studio. He is ready to record the song “Girl”.)

Manager: Okay, Davy, let’s say we make one, huh?

(He nods and they get ready to record his vocal.)

Davy (singing): Girl, look what you’ve done to me. Me, and my whole world. Girl, you brought the sun to me, with your smile, you did it girl. I’m telling you, girl, something unknown to me, makes you what you are. And what you are is all I could ask for me, and it’s good to feel that way girl. Thank you girl, for making the morning brighter, girl, for making the night time nicer, girl, for making a better world for me. I’m telling you, girl, something unknown to me, makes you what you are. And what you are is all that I want for me, and it’s good to feel that way girl. Thank you girl, for making the morning brighter, girl, for making the night time nicer, girl, for making a better world for me. Thank you girl, for making the winter warmer, girl, for making the music softer, girl, for making a better world for me.

(The thank you girl chorus fades out.)

Manager: Sounded great Davy, great. Relax for a second and we’ll play it back.

(Davy nods and they play back his vocal. Marcia enters the recording room.)

Manager: Getting it in there? (Davy gives him the okay sign) Okay, signal in… (He hears Marcia shut the door behind her) Who are you?

Marcia: Oh, I just wanted to speak to Mr. Jones for a minute.

Manager: Miss, we’re making a recording here.

Marcia: Well, I’ll just wait until he’s finished. I won’t even make a sound.

Manager: Sorry, no one is allowed in the studio while we’re recording.

Marcia: Please, I just gotta see him. I’m president of his Fillmore junior high fan club.

Manager: That’s great, but nobody attends recording sessions.

Marcia: But I promised my whole school he’d sing at our prom. He’s just got to or I’ll never be able to speak to my friends again!

Manager: Kid, you know how many schools want David to sing at their prom? There are just not enough days in the year.

Marcia: But I wouldn’t have promised the school if he hadn’t written me a letter, to me personally, Marcia Brady. He said he’d be glad to help me whenever he was in town.

Manager: Tell you what, kid, you leave me your name and address, and I’ll send you a copy of his latest album, okay? (He sends Marcia away, to himself) Kids.

(Davy hears all this from the stage and ponders. Later at home, Marcia comes down the stairs into the living room, where her parents are sitting.)

Marcia: Mom, Dad.

Carol: Yes, honey.

Marcia: I think I’ll call Mrs. Robbins.

Mike: I thought you were gonna wait until Monday.

Marcia: If I call now she’ll have more time to find someone else.

(The doorbell rings.)

Carol: I’ll get it.

Mike: Well, honey, you tried as hard as you could.

Marcia (picking the phone up): It didn’t help much.

(She dials the phone and Carol answers the door. It is Davy Jones in person. She shakes his hand and lets him in.)

Marcia (on the phone): Mrs. Robbins, this is Marcia Brady. There’s something very important I have to tell you.

Carol: Marcia.

(Marcia sees Davy and gets excited.)

Marcia: Mrs. Robbins, I have to call you back! Bye. (she hangs up. to Davy) Hi!

Davy: Hi. (He hands her an album) That’s the album my manager promised you.

Marcia (excited): Oh, thanks, but how did you…

Davy: I heard what you said over the studio microphone.

Marcia: Oh, oh. (She points to Mike and Carol) This is my Mom and my Dad. (She realizes her mistake) You know which is which.

(Davy and Mike shake hands.)

Carol: Would you two excuse us?

Mike: Yeah, we were just going in the other room.

(They go into the kitchen to give Marcia and Davy some privacy.)

Davy: Do you mind if I sit down?

Marcia: Oh, yes, sit down, anywhere.

(He sits and Marcia joins him.)

Davy: You know I’m sorry about this mess you’re in because of that letter I wrote to you.

Marcia: Oh no, it’s my fault. I never should have promised you’d sing at the prom.

Davy: Well, it’s my fault too. I promised you something in that letter. When is your prom?

Marcia: Friday night.

Davy: Okay, Friday night it is.

(Peter, Jan, Cindy and Bobby are upstairs and they all cheer.)

Davy: I didn’t know we had an audience.

Marcia: Those are my brothers and sisters. You’ll really come to the prom?

Davy: Well, there is one little problem.

Marcia (flustered): What?

Davy: I don’t have a date. Do you know a girl who would like to go with me?

Marcia: Do I.

(She kisses him on the cheek.)

Davy: Well, how about the flip side?

(She gets up and kisses his other cheek. The other kids pretend to copy them and kiss each other. Marcia and Davy look in each other’s eyes as the scene fades.)

untitled visit from davy

(The final scene has Jan, Peter, Bobby and Cindy singing in the living room. they sing the same song Davy was recording while Mike gets distracted in his den. He’s had enough and comes out to order them to stop.)

Mike: Hey, hey, hold it.

Jan: We’re practicing, Dad.

Mike: What? Cracking the sound barrier?

Peter: Rock groups are hot.

Cindy: Peter says we’ll get rich.

Bobby: Like loaded.

Mike: Here is a start.

(He takes his wallet out and gives them a dollar.)

Peter: Okay, what do you want us to sing?

Mike: Anything as long as you sing it on the next block because I’m trying to get some work done. Okay?

(He goes back in his den.)

Peter: Well, a buck’s a buck, come on, you guys.

(They abide to Mike’s wishes and leave.)

                              THE END

untitled a buck's a buck

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