S3 E16 Dough Re Mi

untitled get lost

Dough Re Mi

Written by Ben Starr

The kids are all set to record Greg’s new song. That is, until Peter’s voice starts to change and it cracks through the song. Hope you enjoy the script.











MR.DIMSDALE, owner of a recording studio

(The episode begins where Greg locked himself in his room. Bobby and Peter are knocking on the door.)

Peter: Come on, Greg. Open up!

Bobby; Yeah, Greg, open up!

Greg (from inside the room): Not now! I’m working on something important!

Bobby: Let’s go around the other way, through the girls’ room.

Peter (to Greg): It’s our room too!

(Bobby comes inside the girls’ room, where Marcia and Jan are hemming some new clothes.)

Marcia: You’re supposed to knock before you come in.

Bobby: Sorry, but if you want to get even, you can come in our room without knocking.

(Peter comes in.)

Marcia: Hey, what’s all the yelling about? What’s going on?

Peter: Greg won’t let us in. He says he’s working on something important.

Jan: Like what?

Bobby: How should we know? That’s why we want to get in.

Peter: Come on.

(They all go in through the bathroom. Peter knocks on the door.)

Greg (opening the door): Get lost!

(He shuts it.)

Marcia: Is he kidding?

(Greg re-opens the door.)

Greg: No!

(Greg shuts the door again and Peter and Bobby continue to knock and yell open up. Greg is seen writing something down at the desk and gets an idea and gets up.)

(Meanwhile, Cindy is downstairs talking to Alice.)

Alice: And he won’t let anybody else in the room?

Cindy: No. What do you suppose he’s doing up there?

Alice: Maybe he’s sleeping.

Cindy: No, he’s yelling too much for that.

(Alice laughs and Greg comes down the stairs and across the kitchen.)

Greg: I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it!

Cindy: Alice, what’s he got?

Alice: I don’t know, but whatever it is, he sure is in a hurry to get rid of it.

(He leaves and the scene fades out.)

untitled sounds great greg

(The next scene has Carol and Alice preparing for a cookout.)

Carol: Here are the hamburgers, Alice.

Alice: Good, rolls are red hot and ready and waiting.

Carol: Well, I guess we might as well start barbecuing. Greg should be back any minute.

Alice: If he’s with in smelling distance, he’ll be back in a flash.

Carol: Did he say where he was going?

Alice: No, just I got it! I got it! Then (she whistles through her teeth) He just took off like a tornado.

(The phone rings.)

Peter: I’ll get it. (He picks up) Hello. Oh, hello, Sam. Marcia? No, I’m not Marcia. No, I’m not Jan either, I’m Peter. She’s barbecuing right now. Okay, I’ll tell her. Bye. (He goes outside to give Alice the message) Alice, that was Sam. he said he’d call back later.

Alice: Oh, thanks, Peter.

Peter: He thought I was a girl.

Carol: Peter, did Greg say where he was going?

Peter: No, he just said I got it, I got it…

Carol: Yeah, yeah, I know, and then he went (she tries to emulate Alice’s whistle but fails). Alice, how do you do that?

Alice: You mean (she whistles through her teeth again)?

Peter: There’s nothing to worry about, though. If he got hit by a truck, or fell into a manhole or something, the police would notify us as soon as they got him to a hospital.

Carol: Oh thanks, you really know how to put a person at ease.

(Greg returns.)

Peter: Hi, Greg.

Carol: Greg, where have you been? We were getting worried.

Greg (bitterly): Mom, I’m 16, when are you gonna stop worrying about me?

Carol: When you’re 60. What’s the matter? You look upset.

Greg: I just lost a million bucks, that’s all.

Peter: A million bucks.

Alice: Ahh, easy come, easy go.

Carol: Greg, would you please tell me what you’re talking about?

Greg: I’ve been up in my room all afternoon working on this surefire hit song.

(He shows her the song.)

Carol: Is that why you locked yourself in?

Greg: Sure. Creative artists don’t like to be disturbed. look at the title We can make the world a whole lot brighter.

Peter: That sounds great!

Greg: It’s a guaranteed gold record. But I can’t record it.

Carol: Why not?

Greg: Mr. Dimsdale, he’s the guy who owns the best recording studio in town, wants 150 bucks, in advance. That’s a lot of bread.

Alice: Bread? That’s practically cake.

Carol: How much do you have?

Greg: 43 dollars and 12 cents.

Carol: If you believe this is a surefire hit song, then, you can save up the rest.

Greg: Are you kidding? By that time I’ll be on social security.

Peter (to himself): Mr. Dimsdale. I wonder if that’s Johnny Dimsdale’s dad.

(Later on, Peter goes down to the studio to see Mr. Dimsdale, who is busy recording another kid group.)

Dimsdale: Okay, kids, let’s try one.

Peter (coming in the room): Mr. Dimsdale.

Dimsdale: Cut. (to Peter) Not now, son. (Peter tries to speak again) Will you hold it until the 5 Monroes record their song.

Peter: But it’s very important.

Dimsdale: Relax a minute, kids. (he turns back to Peter) Now what’s so important.

Peter: Are you Johnny Dimsdale’s father?

Dimsdale: That’s right.

Peter: Well, I’m in his class, we’re pretty good friends. I’m Peter Brady.

Dimsdale: Brady. Do you have a brother named Greg who was just down here?

Peter: Yeah.

Dimsdale: Peter, I’m afraid the answer is no. I gave him the best price in town.

Peter: But it’s a guaranteed gold record.

Dimsdale: If you want to see a guaranteed gold record, just watch the 5 Monroes.

(Meanwhile, Greg is at home coming up with ideas on how to raise the cash to Bobby, who is watching television.)

Greg: Hey, I got an idea. I’ll mow everybody’s lawn around here and I’m gonna raise that $107 for sure.

Bobby: Sounds great, Greg.

Greg: Will you stop watching that dumb cartoon, you haven’t heard a word I said.

Bobby: Sounds great, Greg.

(Peter comes in.)

Peter: Greg, I just had a swell talk with Mr. Dimsdale.

Greg: At the recording studio.

Peter: Yeah, I went over there to ask him to cut his price. I know his son Johnny.

Greg: Thanks, Pete.

Peter: Boy, will you be happy I went.

Greg (excited): He cut the price!

Peter: No.

Greg: Then what the heck are you so excited about?

Peter: I saw a great new group. They were recording at Mr. Dimsdale’s studio.

Greg: Congratulations.

Peter: Mr. Dimsdale gave me some good advice. He said that family groups sell millions of records.

Greg: Are you trying to make me feel worse than I already do?

Peter: Greg, if that group I saw is gonna make all that money, then we oughtta make more. There are only 5 of them, and there are 6 of us Brady kids.

(Greg starts to get excited again.)

Greg: Hey, Pete, you might have something.

Peter: Sure, and we’d make three times as much as the Carpenters, there are only 2 of them.

Greg: We can call ourselves the Brady 6, it just might work, and with us recording my great new song, Pete, that’s (Pause) that’s a terrible idea.

Peter: Huh?

Greg: Why did you get me all charged up like this, I’m still short of $107.00.

Peter: I’ll chip in all I have, so will the others.

Greg: Think so?

Peter: Sure. Bobby, wouldn’t you?

Bobby: Sounds great, Greg.

Greg: Thanks, Pete. (He takes him aside) I think we better get his money before the cartoon ends.

(They laugh and then, so does Bobby.)

(Next. they are in the girls’ room, trying to persuade Jan and Marcia to do the same.)

Greg: But don’t you wanna be rich and famous?

Marcia: Definitely.

Jan: Likewise.

Peter: Then put up your share like I’m doing.

Marcia: I’m not blowing all my lunch money on some dumb dream.

Jan: Besides, I’m saving up to buy something special.

Peter: Like what?

Jan: I won’t know until I buy it, I’m a girl.

Greg: Look, you’re passing up a deal of a lifetime.

Marcia: No.

Jan: No.

(Greg starts to leave in frustration, then turns around again.)

Greg: Say that again.

Marcia: Huh.

Greg: Say no.

Marcia: No.

Greg: Amazing, now let me hear you sing it.

Marcia: Sing no?

Greg (singing): No. (He speaks again) Come on, come on, sing it. (He sings) no.

Marcia (singing): No.

Greg: Fabulous. (to Peter) Isn’t she great?

Peter: Huh? Oh yeah, great.

Greg: Now you, Jan. (singing) No. (speaking) Come on. (he sings again) No.

Jan (singing): No.

Greg: Terrific, now the two of you together. Ready? (He sings) No.

Marcia and Jan (singing): No. (He signals for them to sing again) No.

Greg: Sensational. Too bad you girls aren’t part of the group. But you have my personal promise.

Marcia: What personal promise?

Greg: That when we become rich and famous singing stars, we won’t forget you. Will we, Pete?

Peter: Sure we will. If they don’t want in, then they’re out.

Greg: I guess you’re right.

(They start to leave but the girls stop them.)

Marcia: Hey, wait a minute, count me in.

Jan: Count me in too.

(They get their money while Greg and Peter give each other the okay sign. Cindy comes in the room.)

Cindy: What are you doing?

Marcia: Oh, Cindy, go get your secret money and give it to Greg.

(Cindy takes her money out of her doll and goes to hand it to Greg, then she balks.)

Cindy: Hey, why am I giving Greg all my money?

Jan: Well, don’t worry about it, Cindy, just do it.

Cindy: No, I like my money.

Peter: Cindy, let me hear you sing something.

Cindy: I don’t feel like it.

Marcia: Okay, then you can’t join our new singing group and become famous.

Jan; And rich.

Marcia: And get your picture in the newspaper.

(Cindy starts to sing Home on the range as the others join. Next, Greg is trying to get the rest of the money from Mike. He is in his den talking to him.)

Mike: You’re short $53.12.

Greg: No, Dad, we have $53.12. It’s the $96.88 we’re short, that rounds out the $150.00.

Mike: Yeah, that’s the way I would figure it.

Greg: We’ll pay you back and give you 10 percent of all the money the Brady 6 makes off the record.

Mike: No deal.

Greg: 20 percent.

Mike: Greg, I’m an architect. I don’t want to branch out into the record producing business. (Pause) But, I might advance you the rest of the money you need, provided it’s an advance on your allowances. Let’s say, 50 cents a week out of each of your allowances until it’s paid off. (Greg does the math) Bring down the 8.

(After Greg comes up with the figures, he gets another thought.)

Greg: Dad, instead of 50 cents out of our allowances, how about 30 percent of the first million.

Mike: No. If you want that money, it comes out of your allowances.

Greg: You drive a tough bargain, Dad, but I’ll take it.

(The next scene has Greg all the kids singing in the family room, with Greg playing his guitar and with Carol conducting.)

Kids (singing): Birds flying high, in search for a clear blue sky, while they’re chopping down the trees below them.

(Now the girls sing the next verse.)

Girls: Come take a stand to help us save the land, let’s go out and try to make it better.

Kids: And maybe we can make a world a whole lot brighter, we can make the load a little lighter, everybody has to try together, don’t you know it’s now or never.

Boys: Meadows once green are few and far between, and the rivers might run brown tomorrow.

Girls: God made the land for each and every man, so we must do all we can to save it.

Kids: And maybe we can make a world a whole lot brighter, we can make the load a little lighter, everybody has to try together, don’t you know it’s now or never.

(Carol and Alice, who was watching from the kitchen, applaud.)

Alice: That was wonderful. If I didn’t know you were gonna give me a free record I’d offer to pay for one.

(Next, Greg is down at the studio paying Mr. Dimsdale for the use of the studio.)

Dimsdale (counting): 50 dollars and one penny, 50 dollars and two pennies, ha, a whole nickel at one time.

Greg: Here’s a few more dollars in change, Mr. Dimsdale, and the rest is in a check by my parents.

Dimsdale: Is that a regular check or is it in a lot of pieces.

Greg: It’s a regular check.

(He pulls it out of his pocket to give to Mr. Dimsdale.)

Dimsdale: Son, you got yourself a recording studio.

Greg (excited): Great, and you won’t book anyone else in it.

Dimsdale: It’s all yours, paid for and legal.

Greg (shaking his hand): Well, see you on Friday. And wait till you hear the Brady 6. We’re gonna be the greatest recording group you ever heard.

(Greg and the kids are at home rehearsing his song, while Alice and Carol listen form the kitchen. However, Peter’s voice starts to crack in the middle.)

Carol: Uh-oh, someone sure hit a clinker.

(They continue, thinking Peter was making a joke and they laugh. Until Greg stops the song.)

Greg: All right, Pete, quit the clowning.

Peter: Who’s clowning.

(Carol and Alice hear.)

Carol: Oh, that was worse than a clinker.

Alice: That was a clunker.

Greg: All right, let’s try it again from the top of the bridge, ready? 1,2,3.

(They resume singing but Peter’s voice cracks again.)

Greg (to Peter): What’s the problem?

Peter: I’m not doing it on purpose, honest.

Carol: Alice, how old was Greg when his voice started to change?

Alice: He was around 13, I think.

Carol: Uh oh.

Alice: Maybe you’re right. When Sam called the other day, he said Pete sounded like a girl. I bet Pete’s voice was cracking then.

(Greg and Peter come in the kitchen.)

Greg: Can we have some water and get rid of that frog?

Peter: My voice is sure doing goofy things lately.

Carol: Hey, the group was beginning to sound really good in there.

Alice: Right on.

Peter (voice cracking): Thanks a lot.

Carol: Peter, I don’t know how to tell you this, but, I’m afraid your voice is changing.

Peter: My voice, changing?

Greg: Oh no, we’re supposed to record Friday. That’s only 6 days away.

Peter: How long does it take for a voice to change?

Carol: Well, it’s hard to say.

Greg: We got to record my song Friday. We gave Mr. Dimsdale 150 non-returnable dollars.

Peter: Don’t worry, Greg. By Friday, my voice is gonna be just swell.

(The scene fades.)

untitled peter's voice

(The next scene has Peter in his room, putting his head underneath a steamer with a towel over it. Greg comes in with a jar of honey.)

Greg: How are you doing, Pete?

Peter: I think I’m starting to melt.

Greg: I think it’s beginning to help. Your voice sounds like it used to.

Peter: Yeah, I think it’s back.

(Back sounded a little off.)

Greg: Have some of this honey. Here it comes. (Greg puts a spoonful of honey under the towel, attempting to get it in his mouth.)

Peter: Not in my ear.

Greg: Sorry.

Peter (taking a taste): That tastes pretty good.

Greg: Say that again. I think the honey’s working already.

Peter: I said that tastes pretty good.

(Pretty had a cracking sound.)

Greg: Stand by for more honey.

Peter: You’re sure honey is good for the voice?

Greg: Sure, you never heard a bee’s voice crack, did you.

(Peter comes out from under the towel. That evening, Mike and Carol are sleeping when they hear a strange sound.)

Carol (waking up): Mike, Mike.

Mike (groggy): What?

Carol: I heard something.

Mike: What did you hear?

Carol: I don’t know, it sounds kind of like a… (They hear the noise again) like that.

(The noise starts again.)

Mike: Anybody in the neighborhood own a pet coyote?

(They get out of bed and go down the stairs to see where the sound is coming from. They hear another sound of something that dropped and broke.)

Carol: Someone is in the house.

Mike: Yeah, I know.

(They continue down the stairs and hear that first sound again. They rush down the stairs and run into Alice, who was walking around the kitchen with a baseball bat. She also heard the noise and got up to see what it was.)

Alice: Did you hear that mountain lion out there?

Carol: Mr. Brady thinks it’s a coyote.

Alice: Whichever, I don’t like feeling like I’m a midnight snack.

(The noise starts again.)

Mike: It sounds like a prowler in pain.

Carol (frightened): It seems to be coming from the driveway.

Mike: You two stay here.

Carol: Oh, no.

Mike: Huh?

Alice: I’m going with you. With my luck, if I’m inside, whatever’s outside will be inside.

(A confused Mike grabs her bat and the trio goes outside to the driveway. They find Peter in Carol’s station wagon laying down and making those noises with his mouth. Mike opens the door and he stops.)

Peter: Oh, hi.

Mike: What are you doing in there, Peter?

Carol: Do you know it’s after midnight?

Peter: I’m trying to scream my voice back to the way it was. I came out in the car because I didn’t want to wake anybody up.

Mike: Well you woke anybody up.

Peter: I’m sorry.

Alice: Well, there’s no use in wasting all this good fright. I think I’ll go inside and turn on the late, late horror show. Can I have my roommate (bat) back, please.

(Mike hands the bat to Carol, who hands it to Alice. She takes it and heads back inside. Mike and Carol go inside the car.)

Carol: Well, you mind if we join you, Peter?

(He gets in the driver’s seat and them in the passenger seats.)

Peter: Of all the crummy times for my voice to change.

Carol: Oh, honey, it’s all part of growing up. Ha, you should’ve heard my brother when his voice changed, he sounded just like my mother.

(She laughs.)

Mike: You should’ve heard me when I was your age. (He speaks in a high, squeaky voice) Good morning mother, good morning father.

Peter: Why couldn’t my voice start changing after Friday? By then, we could have recorded Greg’s song, and everybody wouldn’t look at me that way.

Mike: Nobody looks at you in any special way.

Peter: Oh, yeah, Cindy stuck her tongue out at me twice today.

Carol: Honey, she’s only a little girl.

Peter: Yeah, but she’s got a big tongue.

Mike: There are some things you have to leave to Mother Nature, it will pass.

Peter: I hope Mother Nature has to record a song someday, and her voice starts to crack.

Mike: Maybe your voice won’t crack on Friday.

Peter: I sure hope it doesn’t, because I don’t want to let the others down.

(They all go upstairs to bed. Next, all the kids (sans Peter) are in the family room. They take a vote to see if they should let Peter record with them or not.)

Greg: Keep Peter, keep Peter, dump Peter, dump Peter, dump Peter, keep Peter. Well it’s a tie. 3 to 3.

Jan: How could it be 3 to 3 when there are 5 of us voting?

(All eyes turn to Cindy.)

Cindy: I couldn’t make up my mind, so I voted twice.

Bobby: I’m not dumb enough to do that.

Cindy: Yes you are.

Greg: Look, it’s only two days before Friday and we got to come up with something. So let’s take another vote….

(The other kids protest and then Carol comes in.)

Carol: Hi gang, what’s going on? (They all clam up) Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. I was just coming in to get my needle point.

(She picks up and starts to leave.)

Marcia: Why don’t we ask Mom.

Carol: Ask Mom what?

Greg: Mom, we just took a vote on whether or not to let Pete record with us on Friday.

Carol: Well, how did it turn out?

Marcia: It was a tie.

Carol: 2 1/2 to 2 1/2

Bobby: Cindy voted twice.

Cindy: One each way.

Carol: Well, I don’t blame you, sweetheart. It’s a tough decision.

Jan: Well, I think we should record without Peter, and give him a full share of the profits we make.

Marcia: But the whole group was Peter’s idea in the first place. And it’s not fair to leave him out.

Bobby: Pete always helps me with my arithmetic. So I think we should let him sing with us, even if he ruins everything.

Greg: What good is buying a record if nobody will buy it?

Marcia: Mom, what do you think?

Carol: Well, (Pause) I think I appreciate the Supreme Court more and more. Greg, couldn’t you put off the recording until Peter’s voice settles down.

Greg: No way, if we don’t use the studio Friday, we lose the money.

Carol: Well, I’m afraid it’s up to you kids.

(The kids all beg Carol for advice.)

Carol: Look, kids, listen. I could make the decision for you, but it wouldn’t be right. I would like to give you something to think about, though. You know, money and fame are very important things, but, sometimes, there are other things more important, like people.

(She walks out and the kids are left to ponder.)

Greg: Well, does everyone agree that we should call off the recording?

Marcia: Yeah.

Jan: I’m think so.

Bobby: Yeah.

Cindy: Okay.

Greg: Come on, let’s go tell Pete.

(They get up to see Peter, who comes into the family room.)

Peter: Oh, Pete, we were just coming up to see you. We have something we want to tell you.

Peter: I have something I want to tell you too. I don’t want to spoil your great song, Greg. I’m just sorry it’s time for my dumb voice to change. So I think you guys should record it without me. Good luck.

(He leaves.)

Marcia: What do we do now?

(All the kids look at Greg.)

Greg: I don’t know.

Bobby: I still say we should let Pete sing with us, and goof it all up.

Greg: Bobby, we can’t record with Peter’s voice changing all the way through the song, (Pause) or can we. (He comes up with an idea) I got it, I got it!

(He runs out of the room.)

Bobby: I bet he’s gonna lock himself in our room again.

(Greg is in his room working on another song. As Bobby predicted, he locked himself in the room. Peter and Bobby are outside knocking. He crumbles up a piece of paper and throws it away, with Peter and Bobby still knocking. Greg paces with another idea but throws another piece of paper, with the garbage can being overfilled. Peter and Bobby wait outside and then Greg plays his guitar and writes something down on a sheet of paper.)

(Next, the kids are at the studio recording Greg’s new song, called Time To Change.)

Greg: 1,2

(The kids all chant sha-na-na na-na-na-na-na-na four times. Carol, Alice and Mr. Dimsdale watch.)

Greg (singing): Autumn turns to winter, and winter turns to spring, it’s not just the seasons, you know, it goes for everything.

(Peter and Bobby joined in for the last few lines. Now, Marcia takes over the next verse.)

Marcia (singing): It’s even true for voices when boys begin to grow. You gotta take a lesson from Mother Nature, and if you do, you’ll know.

Kids: Then it’s time to change, then it’s (Peter sings the next few lines, albeit off-key) Time to change. (the kids) Don’t fight the tide, go along for the ride, don’t you see, when it’s time to change, you gotta re-arrange who you are into what you’re gonna be.

(They chant the sha-na-na verse again.)

Greg: Day by day, it’s hard to see the changes you’ve been through.

Kids: A little bit of living, a little bit of growing, all adds up to you.

Greg: Every boy’s a man inside.

Marcia; A girl’s a woman too. And if you want to reach your destiny, here’s what you got to do.

(They repeat the time to change chorus. Again, Peter sings the middle off-key again. They return to chanting, then repeat the chorus, then chanting again. Peter also chants off-key for one line.)

Dimsdale: Okay kids, that’s a take. (Greg shakes Peter’s hand and Mr. Dimsdale turns to Carol) The Brady 6 are a great group.

Alice: That sure makes me proud, Mrs. Brady.

Carol: You’re proud.

Alice: And to think I knew those kids when they were just starting out.

(The scene fades.)

untitled we can make the world

(The final scene has Greg and Peter come down to the kitchen.)

Alice: Hi.

Greg: Hi, Alice. Pete and I thought we’d come down for some milk. Right, Greg?

Alice: Okay, you want some cookies, too.

Greg: Wait a minute. (to Peter) You want some cookies? (Peter nods) Yeah, we’ll have cookies too.

Alice (to Peter): Oh no, can’t you talk? You got laryngitis? You got to record Greg’s song in just a couple of days. You better sit down, I better fix a gargle.

Greg: It’s okay, Alice. Pete can talk. I just had to conserve his voice.

Alice: Oh, so it won’t crack anymore.

Greg: No, so it will. Every group has its own sound, and Peter’s voice cracking is our special gimmick. Right, Pete?

Peter (in a high voice): Right, Greg.

Greg: Hear that, he’s playing our song.

untitled time to chance

                                       THE END

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