S2E3 The Slumber Caper

untitled slumber caper

The Slumber Caper

Written by Tam Spiva

Marcia is accused of something she didn’t do, landing her in a week’s detention and jeopardizing her upcoming slumber party. Hope you enjoy the script.











MR. RANDOPH, Marcia’s principal

JENNY, Marcia’s friend

PAULA, Marcia’s other friend

RUTHIE, another friend

KAREN, another friend

(The episode begins with the girls standing outside the den where Mike and Carol are having a discussion over Marcia’s request to throw a slumber party. Bobby is at the top of the staircase spying on them while they wait patiently for an answer. We cut into the den.)

Carol: It’s part of growing up for a girl.

Mike: Jan and Cindy on this too?

Carol: Well, it wouldn’t be fair to leave them out.

(Back outside, the girls are still anxious to hear the answer. Alice comes around.)

Alice: Any word?

Jan: Not yet.

(Back in the den, Mike agrees to the party.)

Mike (nodding): Let’s go ahead with it. If Rome can outlast an invasion by the Barbarians, what can a few little girls do to the Brady house?

(Carol comes out to tell the girls.)

Marcia: Well, Mom?

Carol: Yes. Marcia, you can have your slumber party.

(She and the girls get excited as the scene fades out.)

invite list

(The next scene has Mike coming into the kitchen telling Alice the news.)

Mike: Hey Alice, did you hear? We’re going to have a slumber party.

(He goes into the refrigerator and gets no response from Alice.)

Mike: I said we’re gonna have a slumber party.

Alice: I heard.

Mike: What’s the matter?

Alice: I just thought I’d do something useful for the party like nailing down the furniture.

Mike (laughing): Alice, it’s just a few little girls. It can’t be that bad.

Alice: Mr. Brady, have you ever been to a slumber party?

Mike: No, can’t say that I have.

Alice: Well I have, and one thing is certain.

Mike: Mmm, what’s that.

Alice: Nobody, nobody slumbers.

(Mike laughs, then puts on a serious face.)

(Next, the boys are outside dismayed over the party.)

Greg: We’re gonna be invaded by girls.

Bobby (hanging upside down on the swing set): Will there be a lot of them?

Peter: Won’t matter how many, it will seem like a million.

Greg: They won’t do anything but giggle all night long.

Peter: You know, I bet you Marcia invites that Paula Tardy. Boy is she hung up on you.

Greg: That’s a disgusting thought. I’ll probably have to hide all night.

Bobby: Maybe I’ll have to hide too,. Somebody might be hung up on me.

Mike (coming outside): Hey, fellas. Come on, I could use a little help.

Greg: What’s up, Dad?

Mike: I want to get the sleeping bags out of the storage room in the garage and air them out. Come on.

Greg: Are we going camping?

Peter: Like maybe Saturday night when all the girls are here?

Mike: No, sorry fellas, no such luck.

Greg: Why the sleeping bags?

Mike: Well, for the slumber party. We can’t put all the girls up there in the girls room, they’d be packed in like sardines.

Bobby: Are they gonna sleep out in the backyard?

Mike: No, they’re gonna sleep in the living room, in the sleeping bags.

Greg (protesting): In our sleeping bags.

Peter: They’ll get them all full of perfume.

Bobby: We’ll all stink.

Mike: Ah, that’ll be enough of that. Now come on, help me.

(Inside, the girls are going over what to serve at the party with Carol and Alice.)

Marcia: Let’s have hot dogs.

Carol: Good idea.

Jan: Why not hamburgers?

Carol: No, hot dogs are easier.

Alice (looking up): Hot dogs.

Cindy: How about jelly beans?

Jan: With mustard and relish.

Marcia: And lots of pickles too.

Alice (writing): Mus, rel, pick.

Cindy: And jelly beans.

Alice: And one bag of jelly beans.

Cindy: Thanks, Alice.

Carol: Listen, you kids better get your books. You’re going to be late for school.

Jan: Okay.

Cindy: Bye, Mommy.

Marcia: Mom, remember what you and Dad promised.

Carol: I remember.

(Marcia walks away and Mike walks in.)

Mike (sitting down): What did Dad promise?

Carol: Oh, well, it was kind of what I promised for both of us.

Mike: Oh, yeah.

Carol: That, we leave the girls alone. We wouldn’t hang around the party.

Mike: Well, uh, what should we do? (He mocks a British accent) Spend a quiet evening in the garage.

Carol: Oh, Mike.

Mike: Could patch a few old tires.

Carol: Oh, no, I have a much better idea for us.

Mike: Uh oh, what?

Carol: Would you like a little hint?

Mike: Uh huh.

Carol: Well, uh, dinner for two, candlelight, soft music, dancing.

Mike: You’re a great hinter. You know that?

Carol: Mmm, hmm.

Mike: That sounds good. That is, if Alice doesn’t mind holding down the fort while we’re gone.

Alice: Oh, I don’t mind holding down the fort. Just bear in mind that those were the last words of General Custer.

(Next, the girls are upstairs with Marcia making out the invite list.)

Marcia: Now, let’s see, I’ve already invited Jenny Wilton, my best friend, and Paula Tardy from my English class. Now, who else?

Cindy: What do you do at a slumber party?

Marcia: Well, you play games and you talk about boys. And you talk about boys and you play games.

Cindy: What are the games about?

Jan (gleefully): Boys.

Cindy: Boys? Who likes boys.

(Greg goes into his room with an announcement to Peter and Bobby.)

Greg (excited): I got it, oh boy, have I got an idea! Are we gonna have fun at that slumber party.

Peter: You’ve got to be kidding.

Bobby: I’m not going around any of those girls.

Greg: Now, listen to me you guys, now listen. We’re gonna pull tricks on them. Get it?

Bobby: Tricks?

Greg: Yeah, you know, scare them. jokes.

Peter: Yeah!

Bobby: Yeah!

Greg: Now, we oughtta think of some really good stuff.

Bobby: Like rubber spiders?

Greg: That’s a good start.

Peter: A scary mask, spooky noisemakers and one of those plastic skeletons.

Greg: Yeah, yeah! That’s good! Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute. I got it. Oh, boy, isn’t this beautiful?

Peter and Bobby: What?

Greg: Itching powder in the sleeping bags!

Peter and Bobby: Yeah!

(Greg leaves the room as we move into the next scene, which has Mike and Carol are unsatisfyingly inspecting the sleeping bags.)

Carol: Well, I know the boys aired these out, Mike, but they still seem a little dusty to me.

Mike: Yeah, well, I got them to do it this morning. I guess they didn’t have too much enthusiasm for the job.

Carol: Well, maybe we ought to hang them up and beat them.

Mike: The sleeping bags or the boys?

Carol (laughing): Oh, Mike. Well look, I better go check the food for the party.

Mike: Hey, is all that just for the girls? Woo, I thought we were starting a supply depot for the eighth party.

Greg (coming out): Hey, Mom and Dad.

Mike: Listen, Gregory, your mother’s not too happy with the job you guys did on the sleeping bags.

Carol: Yeah, I think they need a little more freshening up.

Mike: It’s not going to take too much time, all…

Greg: Sure, we’d be glad to.

Mike: Huh?

Greg: We’ll do anything Mom wants us to.

Mike (disbelieving): You will?

Carol: Thank you, Greg.

Greg: No trouble. I’ll go get the guys.

(He leaves.)

Carol: I thought you said they weren’t too enthusiastic.

Mike: That’s funny, that’s what I thought I said too.

(The next scene has Marcia in school. She is in the office with the principal, Mr. Randolph.)

Randolph (looking at a piece of paper): Mrs. Denton found this when she was tidying up the desks in her room. Please take a look at it.

(He hands Marcia the paper.)

Marcia (reading): Mrs. Denton, or a hippopotamus?

Randolph: Is that your handwriting in your class?

Marcia: Yes, sir.

Randolph: Did you draw the picture?

Marcia: Yes, sir. But that’s not Mrs. Denton. It’s George Washington.

(Randolph takes another look at the paper.)

Randolph: George Washington?

Marcia: There’s a picture of him on the wall and I was copying it.

Randolph: And what about Mrs. Denton’s name and that remark?

Marcia: I didn’t write her name, or that remark.

Randolph: Marcia, I think you better explain.

Marcia: But I can’t! I mean, well, I finished my classwork a little early and I was doodling, and my name happened to be on the paper. I doodled George Washington, I didn’t doodle Mrs. Denton.

Randolph (looking again at the paper): It doesn’t look much like George Washington.

Marcia: I guess I’m not a very good artist.

Randolph: You expect me to believe this is your paper, your name and your drawing, but you didn’t write her name, or that remark?

Marcia: That’s right, Mr. Randolph.

Randolph: Marcia, I’d like to believe you, you’ve always been a good student. But what you’re saying doesn’t sound logical.

Marcia: But I didn’t do it.

Randolph: This sort of thing has happened before, too often. Not just you, but the other students.

Marcia; But Mr. Randolph!

Randolph: I’m afraid you’re going to have to be the example. You’ll have to stay after school one hour every day for a week. (Marcia stands there, looking dejected) That’s all, Marcia. Except, because you’ll be staying after school, I’ll have to notify your parents.

(Marcia turns to leave and Mr. Randolph gets on the phone as we move into the next scene, where Marcia is in the family room with Mike and Carol.)

Carol: As much as we hate to do it Marcia, I’m afraid you can’t have your slumber party.

Marcia: My party?

Carol: Honey, that drawing might have seemed funny at the time, but you just must have respect for your teachers.

Marcia (upset): But I didn’t do it! I didn’t write Mrs. Denton’s name on it, or that stupid remark.

Carol: Your principal said you did honey, and he’s a very responsible man. He wouldn’t punish you for nothing.

Marcia: You mean, you’d rather believe him than me.

Mike: Marcia, from what you said, that paper was in your desk and had your name on it. Well, what else could Mr. Randolph think?

Marcia: You don’t believe me, either, and if you don’t, I don’t want a party, or anything ever from you!

(She goes away crying as the scene fades out.)

crying marcia

(The next scene has Mike and Carol discussing the situation that evening in their room.)

Mike: It’s not like her, honey, I’ve never seen Marcia so adamant.

Carol: That’s one thing about Marcia, when she’s wrong, she admits it.

Mike: And the slumber party isn’t the big problem. It’s the fact that we don’t believe her.

Carol: Mike, you think Mr. Randolph could be mistaking?

Mike: Well, there’s one way to find out.

(Mike is down at Marcia’s school in conference with Mr. Randolph.)

Mike: Well, I can’t vouch for the drawing or what’s written underneath it, but, there’s no doubt about the class and the name. It’s Marcia’s handwriting all right.

Randolph: There was only one conclusion I could reach, Mr. Brady.

Mike: Oh, yes, of course. It’s just that Marcia was so upset, I felt I had to speak to you.

Randolph: I understand. Marcia’s always been an excellent student but, well, we do have to preserve discipline.

Mike: Oh, yes, my wife and I certainly agree with you on that. (He gets up) Well, thanks for your time, Mr. Randolph.

(They shake hands.)

Randolph: Not at all. I only wish more parents would take the time to get involved.

Mike: By the way, would you mind if I kept that (the drawing)?

Randolph: Oh, of course not.

Mike: Thanks. (He looks at the picture) Oh, Mr. Randolph, does Mrs. Denton really look like that?

Randolph: Unfortunately, yes.

(Back at home, Mike and Carol are in the den looking over the drawing and come to a conclusion.)

Carol: It could be George Washington.

Mike: Well of course it could. You know, she admits she drew the picture but anybody could have done the printing.

Carol: Mike, what do you think?

Mike: Honey, I think an understandable mistake has been made and we ought to take Marcia’s word for it.

Carol: Well I think we should too.

Mike: Of course, this is just our judgment. There’s no way to prove it to Mr. Randolph.

Carol (dismayed): I know. (Pause) What about the slumber party?

Mike: So far as I’m concerned, the punishment at home is off. Let’s have the party.

Carol: Good! I’ll tell her.

Mike: And I’ll tell General Custer to get her boots.

(Carol goes up to the girls room to tell Marcia the news.)

Carol: Marcia.

Marcia: Yes?

Carol: Your father and I just had a little talk. Now, we don’t know exactly what happened at school, but we think there’s been a mistake. We believe what you said about the picture.

Marcia (looking up): Thanks, Mom.

Carol: Well, you still have to go through your punishment at school, but the slumber party is on again.

(She and the girls cheer and hug Carol, also thank her for the party.)

(Cut to the boys’ room, where they overhear the girls happiness.)

Greg (to Peter and Bobby): I wonder what’s up.

(Mike knocks on the door and comes in.)

Mike: Hey fellas, I just thought you’d like to know the slumber party’s on again.

Peter: It is?

Bobby: Hooray!

Mike: Well, I never expected that reaction.

Peter: Well, we’re kinda looking forward to it.

Bobby: Yeah.

Mike (suspicious): Oh, you are.

Greg: They mean they’re looking forward to the girls having a good time.

Mike: Oh yeah, well, that’s very nice of you. Greg, all you boys.

Peter: We’ll be glad to do anything to help the party along.

Bobby: Yeah, anything.

(She starts to laugh.)

Mike: What’s so funny?

Bobby: Nothing, nothing.

Peter: That dumb dodo laughs at anything.

Greg: Yeah, he’s got a really weird sense of humor.

Mike: Okay.

(He turns around and walks away, before turning around at them, again and shutting the door. Greg hits Bobby with the pillow.)

(Back to the girls’ room, where they are talking.)

Jan (to Marcia): Aren’t you happy?

Marcia: About the party? Yes, and Mom and Dad believing me. But I still have to stay after school for something I didn’t do.

Cindy: I wonder who did it.

Marcia: I’ve been thinking about that. I’ve got English next to last period in the afternoon. So I figured whoever used my desk for the last period might be the one.

Jan: Yeah, that’s the only one it could be.

Cindy: Do you know who it is?

Marcia (angrily): Jenny Wilton.

Jan: Jenny Wilton? She’s your best friend.

Marcia: She was my best friend.

Jan: What are you going to do?

Marcia: I’ll show you.

(She and the girls are downstairs, with Marcia on the phone to Jenny.)

Jenny (picking up the phone): Hello?

Marcia: Hello Jenny, this is Marcia. I called about the slumber party I’m having tomorrow night.

Jenny: I can hardly wait.

Marcia (bitterly): Well, it’s only for my friends!

Jenny: Sure, I’m your friend, Marcia.

Marcia: Not anymore you’re not, so consider yourself uninvited!

(She slams the phone down.)

Jenny: Marcia! Marcia!

(Jenny gives a shocked, devastated look while we cut back to the house, where Jan and Cindy nod their approval to Marcia.)

(The next scene has the party in progress, Marcia brings out some popcorn and drops it, causing the other girls to laugh and scream, with Alice looking on. Carol and Mike start to leave.)

Alice (to Carol and Mike): Now, you two just run along, have a good time at dinner, remember, you put the cavalry in charge.

Carol: Well, hang on to your saddle, Alice.

Mike: Hey, where are the boys?

Carol: They’re in their room studying.

Mike: Studying on Saturday night? Maybe we ought to take their temperatures.

Carol: Oh, come on, Mike. (She takes his hand) Good luck, Alice.

Alice: I don’t need luck Mrs. Brady, just a short course in riot control. You two run along.

(Next, the girls are all laughing and giggling when Marcia’s friend, Karen, comes up with a new game.)

Karen: Hey you guys, let’s play ha.

Jan: Yeah, you go first.

(They start to warm up.)

Karen: Everybody ready.

(They all agree and rest their heads on each other’s laps and laugh. Marcia gets up and accidentally crushes a piece of popcorn with her foot.)

Marcia: You guys! Let’s play another game.

(They agree.)

Ruthie: How about truth or dare.

Karen: Yeah, let’s play that.

Marcia: Okay, I’ll go first. Paula, you’re the one. Who’s the cutest boy you know? Truth or dare?

Paula (giggling): Greg Brady. (all the girls laugh) Now it’s my turn to ask, and (looking around the room) . Ruthie, you’re the one. Truth or dare, have you ever been kidded by Hank Coleman?

(The girls laugh.)

Ruthie: Well, I’ll take the dare?

Paula: All right, youuuu, have to go upstairs and see what Marcia’s brothers are doing.

(The girls all laugh out loud.)

Ruthie (getting up): Karen, will you come with me, please?

Karen: Not me.

Marcia: I will.

(Marcia gets up to join her up the stairs. As they do, Greg comes out with a horror mask and scares them.)

Ruthie: It looked like a monster!

Marcia: I think it was Greg!

(Alice comes out with a tray full of hot dogs.)

Alice: Hot dogs, anyone?

(All the girls scream as they rush over to get one. Karen goes to put one in a sleeping bag and notices a spider.)

Karen (screaming): A spider! A big hairy spider!

(They all come running over with Alice.)

Alice: Wait, wait, let me get in here, kids. Let me in. (She picks it up and finds it’s fake) Oh. (She laughs.) Looks like there’s more than one tribe on the warpath.

Marcia: My brothers.

Jan: Those dumdums, all right.

Alice: Hey, I forgot the potato salad.

(She runs to the kitchen and puts the spider on the counter. She opens the refrigerator and screams and shuts it. She reopens it and there’s a skeleton with glowing eyes.)

Marcia (coming out with Jan and Cindy): What happened?

Alice: Nothing, I just lost my head. (She laughs) Or found somebody’s head. I’ll be right in.

(The girls shrug and go back to the living room. Alice opens the refrigerator again and the skeleton’s eyes click on and off again.)

Peter (coming from the family room): Sorry about that, Alice.

(She gives a hand gesture and breathes relief. Peter smiles and goes back to the family room. Next, he and the boys are dressed in their masks and ghost costumes. Bobby goes to report what the girls are up to.)

Greg: What’s happening now?

Bobby: They’re getting ready to turn the lights off and tell ghost stories.

Greg: Okay, this is it. the real action now.

untitled monsters

Peter and Bobby: Yeah, yeah.

(Next, Alice comes out with more hot dogs.)

Alice: The last call for hot dogs.

Girls: No, thanks.

Alice: Okay. Now, if the werewolf howls and if the vampire starts flapping his wings, don’t come running to me. I’ll be under the kitchen table.

(Marcia turns the lights out as Jan starts to tell the girls a story.)

Jan: Okay, okay guys, now listen.

(The boys come out of the family room in their masks and costumes.)

Alice: Hey, any of you monsters want a hot dog?

(They each take one.)

Greg: Thanks, Alice.

Peter: Thanks, Alice.

Bobby: Thanks, Alice.

(They go out through the kitchen door and Alice shuts it behind them. Cut back to the living room, where Jan is telling her story.)

Jan: Slowly she started down the hall. Spiderwebs everywhere. Then she came to the door, the door to the room where she had been forbidden to go. Slowly she opened the door.

(Bobby howls from outside as Jan continues the story.)

Paula: What was that?

(The frightened girls go inside the sleeping bags.)

Cindy: I’m so scared, I’m getting itchy all over.

Jan: I’m itchy, too.

Karen: So am I.

Jan: Oh, it’s terrible.

(All the girls are itching while Marcia turns the lights back on.)

Maria: I bet you it was my brothers again.

Jan: Yeah, Alice!

(Alice comes out and assumes the girls are dancing.)

Alice: That’s a crazy new dance you’re doing, why don’t you put on some music.

Marcia: No Alice, itching powder in the sleeping bags.

Alice: Oh, my, well look, we’ll try and wash it off. Everybody upstairs. Come on, hurry up, in the shower, come on, kids.

Marcia (to Paula): My brothers are doing to regret this.

Paula: It itches, but it’s kinda funny. I like jokes. What about the one we pulled on Mrs. Denton.

Marcia: We?

Paula: Yeah, you drew the picture and I wrote the funny line. You know, about the hippo.

Marcia: You did that?

Paula: Yeah, didn’t you think it was funny?

Marcia: Funny? I got punished for that.

Paula: Punished? You did?

Marcia: Yeah, I have to stay after a whole week now, I almost didn’t have this party because of what you wrote.

Paula: Gee Marcia, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for anybody to see that but you.

Marcia: Well they did all right. Mrs. Denton found it and turned it in to the principal.

Paula: I didn’t know that. Would it help if I went to Mr. Randolph and explained?

Marcia: That’d be great.

Paula: Gee, Marcia, I just, I just can’t stand this itching anymore.

(Paula runs upstairs as Carol and Mike return home.)

Carol: Hi honey.

Mike: Hey, where is everybody?

Marcia: Upstairs itching. I mean, washing off the itching powder. (She moves up closer to them) Mom, Dad, I’ve done something just awful.

Carol: What?

Marcia: I blamed Jenny Wilton for writing on my picture, the one that got me in trouble. I told her she wasn’t my friend anymore, and I uninvited her to my party.

Mike: And Jenny didn’t do it.

Marcia: Mmm mmm, it was Paula. only she didn’t mean any harm, she just meant for me to see it.

Carol: Well, dear, it seems to me that you and Jenny got a taste of the same medicine.

(Marcia nods.)

Mike: You were blamed for something because somebody didn’t have all the facts. You turned around and did the same thing to Jenny.

Marcia: I feel awful, what can I do?

Carol: Well look dear, it’s still early, why don’t you call Jenny and invite her over to the party.

Marcia: I sure will, I’ll give her the biggest apology I know how.

(Next, Carol and Mike are assisting the party when the doorbell rings.)

Carol: Oh, that must be Jenny. (to Marcia) That must be Jenny.

Mike: Oh, I’ll get it. Okay, I’ll be right back.

(He accidentally steps on some chips and crunches them.)

Carol: Well, Mike. (She and Alice are helping the girls with food when they hear something drop at the door.)

Carol: What was that?

(A bucket of spackle was over the door and it hit Mike as he let Jenny in.)

Mike (covered with spackle): Over the door.

(Everybody laughs and the boys come downstairs.)

Greg: Sorry about that, Dad.

(He gives them an angry hand gesture as everyone continues to laugh and the scene fades out.)

greg scares girls

(The final scene has Mike and Carol in the kitchen with Alice.)

Mike: Hey Alice, we got any cookies?

Alice: Hmm, I don’t know, Mr. Brady. They pretty well cleaned us out the other night.

Mike: Yeah.

(The phone rings.)

Carol: I’ll get it, Alice. (She gets up and answers) Hello. Oh, good morning, Mr. Randolph.

Mike: Mr. Randolph?

Carol (happy): Well, I’m delighted. Really? Oh, thank you so much for calling. Bye. (She hangs up and tells Mike what was said) Marcia and Paula explained the whole thing to Mr. Randolph and Mr. Denton, they are forgiven.

Mike: Oh, good, that’s great.

Alice: Why, you’re in luck, Mr. Brady. I found a box of cookies.

Mike: Don’t tell me something left after the shock troops.

Carol: Yeah, that’s about all.

(He reaches in the box and winds up taking a spider out.)

Alice: Sorry about that, Mr. Brady, party’s over but the melody lingers on.

Mike: Ooh, get rid of the spider.

(He gives it to Alice to throw away.)

                THE END

untitled mayhem

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